Bars & Restaurants: Having a Folovo at Pinati

🇬🇧 – People that read my article about “Boca de Ouro” know about my passion for the “Bolovo”. The traditional São Paulo salgado (hearty snack) is having a comeback in the local Bar & Restaurant scene and I am not missing out any chance to try it.

But in a city of immigrants from all parts of the world, it doesn‘t take long until chefs from the different cuisines start to experiment with popular dishes. So, I wasn’t surprised when I checked out the food section of the daily newspaper “Folha de São Paulo” and read about a new version of my favorite salgado. Instead of meat, a chef of a restaurant in Downtown used falafel dough and created the first falafel version of the Bolovo and named it: Folovo!

I had to go and check it out, so we headed to the district of Santa Cecília, to try the new creation. The neighborhood in Downtown is a traditional Jewish community and reminds me a bit of New York. Instead of American Brownstones there are beautiful old apartment blocks from the sixties in the classic, Niemeyer-style architecture with small front yards and elegant foyers. On the streets you see young men wearing their kipa and elders in black suits, with traditional side locks and long beards.

The “Pinati” looks like a regular “Lanchonete”, the small diners you will find on every corner in São Paulo. Only the typeface and the word “Kasher” suggest that this is an Israeli restaurant. I never had Israeli or Jewish food before, so I was pretty happy about our finding. The menu is full of interesting dishes like Shawarma, Sabich and Shnitzel and I am getting curious to try them.

The Folovo is not written on the menu, but when you ask the waitress she knows what’s up and will hook you up! Instead of a spicy sauce, the falafel version of Bolovo comes with a bit of delicious hummus. The chickpea dough matches perfectly with the egg and the crust is perfectly crunchy. Who likes it spicy can ask for some “Pimenta”, but should be careful with the fiery pepper. Over all, the Folovo works just as well as the meat version and now, also vegetarians can enjoy the traditional salgado.🙂

The menu at Pinati definitely made me curious and I will soon be back at Pinati to check out the rest of the Israeli dishes on the menu! 

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