Cinesala – A nice alternative for movie lovers

🇬🇧 – In São Paulo, going to the movies usually means to go to one of the large Cinemaxx theaters in one of the city’s large shopping malls. But beside those standardized mainstream cinemas, there are a few art house cinemas around the city, that offer an exclusive selection of movies in a very cool 60s atmosphere. One of those theaters I found in the neighborhood of Pinheiros. It is called “Cinesala” and was opened in 1962.

On a Friday night I was looking for a cool location to go with my date and started to do some research online. I am not a huge cinema goer but I remembered this small, mousy cinema I spotted while walking around in Pinheiros. I checked out the website to see what is running, and we agreed on watching the Argentinian mystery-drama “Neve Negra” (Black Snow).

After having dinner at the Chinese restaurant across the street, we arrived at counter. The guy behind the windows tells us, that there are three different types of seats: “Normal Seats”, “Individual Sofas” and “Double Sofas”. After having a look on the position of the seats, we decided to go for one of the few “Double Sofas”.
Not bad, I am thinking loudly. With 40R$ for each, the cinema is about 10R$ more expensive than a regular Cinemaxx, with the significant difference, that you get a sofa! That means no armrest sharing, no worrying about legroom and standing up for people with weak bladders. I gladly sacrificed the view extra 3D effects for that!

The small cinema is decorated with posters of classic movies like “Trainspotting”, “Easy Rider” and “Little Miss Sunshine”. At a little Bar you get the usual snacks and drinks, but there was no need for that, since we just had dinner before.
The theater itself is quite spacious and our double sofa is located in the second row. We were a bit worried about the viewing angle before, but the guy at the counter guaranteed that it has the right distance.

The screen is pretty big and while we are getting comfy, I still can’t believe that we are chilling on a sofa. In a cinema! The Spanish movie is subtitled in Portuguese and I am having some difficulties keeping up with it. But the visuals and sounds are perfect, and we are being sucked into the movie right away.

Cinesala is definitely one of the dopest cinemas I have ever been to. The 60s atmosphere there gives you an idea of the old São Paulo, and is a very relaxing alternative to today’s Cinemaxx giants. With its selection of seats and its double sofas, the cinema is perfect for a date and the various restaurants and bars in Pinheiros are only a short walk away.

The only disadvantage for cinema fans could be the small selection of only two movies. But at Cinesala you can be sure that the few movies that are selected, are selected with love!

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