Bars & Restaurants: Having a Bolovo at Boca de Ouro

🇬🇧 – You just want to hang out on Friday, instead of go partying again? Maybe just get a beer and a snack with your buddy? Or maybe, you have a date with a girl that you want to impress? I think I have the right place for everybody in São Paulo, that is not sure about where to go. The answer: Having a Bolovo at Boca de Ouro.


In São Paulo’s botecos and padarias you will usually find a little glass display at the bar that is filled with salgados, Brazil’s typical fried snacks. In most cases you will find Coxinhas, Kibe or the very popular Pão de Queijo (Bread of cheese). Those heavy little bombs are perfect after some beers and will give you the right amount of energy to move on to the next bar.

One of those salgados is the Bolovo, a hard-boiled egg that is coated with meat. In Europe, it is known as the British “Scotch Egg”, which is traditionally served on a picnic. In São Paulo, the snack fell into oblivion over generations, but is now having a little revival in the city’s local bar & restaurant scene.

A friend of mine recommended this place in Pinheiros, named “Boca de Ouro” (mouth of gold). He told me that this is the place with the best Bolovo in town and I should go to try it out. The bar is located in a quiet street next to the São Paulo Cardeal Cemetery, a bit off from the party area in Vila Madalena. When I was standing in front of the bar for the first time, a drunk guy whispered to me: “Yo, in case you enter, you need to try the Bolovo!”.

The legendary salgado should be ordered directly, since it usually takes a little while to arrive from the kitchen. So, there is enough time for the first round of beer and getting comfortable at the bar. Boca de Ouro is located in a little house, with a large window at the front. It somehow feels like having a beer in someone’s living room. The guys at the bar are mixing excellent cocktails and are passionately giving advice, on which beer to choose from the 20 alternative drafts on the menu. With 26R$ for a dry-martini and 9R$ for a Bolovo, the prices are definitely not outrageous for São Paulo standards.

Our Bolovo arrived with a prefect timing, after the first beer-appetite kicked in. The crunchy meatball comes with a spicy sauce that matches perfectly with the soft egg yolk. The little snack leaves a great aftertaste and is the perfect base for some more quality time at the bar.

“Boca de Ouro” is definitely one of my favorite spots in São Paulo. Whether for an after work beer during the week or just to meet people at the bar on a Friday night, the bar is always a good choice. Good drinks. Good food. Good people… Sometimes, it can be so simple. 

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